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43-48" Airfoild Series

43-48" AIRFOIL models were designed for pilots transitioning to balsa that require durability while learning their skills.  Excellent for flying in higher wind then our other models.

  • TH 43" EPP EDGE 540 XL - Green

    TH 43" EPP EDGE 540 XL - Green

    Go insane! From the realm of "flies like balsa, costs and repairs like foam" arrived a new model from Rc Factory, the 43" EPP Edge 540 XL. Loosely based on the full size Edge, the unmatched Red Bull Air Race (TM) competitor, the Rc Factory's goal was to...

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  • TH 43" EPP Veloxity

    TH 43" EPP Veloxity

    From the Twisted mind of Cody Wojcik comes the Veloxity!  Loosely based on the full-scale Velox Revolution 1, the Veloxity delivers an experience never before available in a foam plane.  As one of the stiffest foam airframes around, precision...

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    TH 48" EPP SBach 342 Red/Black

    TH 48" EPP SBach 342 Red/Black

    RC Factory Sbach 342 1.3m (48") EPP model is the all new revised edition with newer construction and full carbon fiber landing gear.  With over size control surfaces with a doubt one of the most floaty 3D monsters in their line up.  * Spinner...

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  • HM 48" EPP 1200 MX 2 - Full Fuse - Red/Blue

    HM 48" EPP 1200 MX 2 - Full Fuse - Red/Blue

    Hacker Model's EPP MX2 is aerobatic model with box structure fuselage. The model is inspired by the real MX2 - carbon fiber, two seat tandem sport aircraft produced by MX Aircraft of North Carolina. The main parts of the model are made of expanded...

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