Hacker Models 21" nMM Micro Magic Sailboat Race Yacht "ARTR"

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HM nMM Mirco Magic -ARTR


This version of the Micro Magic is a ARTR forum which means: hull, cabin deck, (ARTR version - glued hull) though the rest of the model still needs to be assembled, please look at building information prior purchasing since this is for advanced modelers only.  No electronics, radio or glues are included.
Updated news:
Created for the advanced modelers, building is required!  The Micro Magic is a popular model designed for competitive RC sailboats for beginners and advanced rc yachtsmen. Meets the rules of the Micro Magic International class. Micro Magic is suitable for all categories of modelers, from experienced sailors to beginners, who will have comparable technology available for entertainment, or for the first experience in yachting races.or Micro Magic models, competitions are held worldwide from local to national to world championships. The model has gained popularity all over the world not only due to its sailing characteristics, but also due to its size, stowage and easy transport.Quick kit for 2-channel RC kit 
Package Contents:
  • CNC machined vacuum extrusions made of ABS material - hull, cabin deck, (ARTR version - glued hull)
  • Injection molding parts - keel and rudder
  • Keel load
  • laser cut small parts and stand components
  • prepared 3D sail sizes A made of Mylar material
  • carbon tubes for mast and boom
  • small accessories
  • stickers with
  • melting instructions
RC features:
  • Sail settings
  • Rudder
Technical data:
  • Weight: from 820g
  • Length: 535mm
  • RC: two channel
  • Material: ABS
  • Width: 177mm
  • Height: 980mm
  • Sail area: 1450cm2
  • Overall height: 980mm


  • Glues:
  • 2 channel Radio w/ Receiver
  • 1 10-14g MG Servo
  • 1 40-50g Servo


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