HM 47" EPP Fun Master "Blue"

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HM 47 Fun M Blue


The Fun Master is a perfect model for the beginner RC-pilot who is still learning the basics, yet is ready to having a lot fun!  Built with durability in mind and designed to be stable yet maneuverable when it comes to sport flying, the Fun Master has it all.  Large wing area along with a high fuselage and wing-lets creates higher stability in all flight conditions.   Experienced pilots will enjoy more extreme maneuvers with full control throws making this model much more then your average trainer.  The Fun Master can also be used for towing the Fox glider as well as other gliders and sailplanes with ease.
The Fun Master is easy to assemble in an evening, its also very durable being mostly constructed with EPP making it higher crash resilient.  Attention to detail can be seen in the construction as well as high quality printing making the Fun Master standout from all other models.  With larger wheels and strong landing gear guarantees easy takeoffs and landings on even the roughest terrain.  The Fun Master has a removable landing gear and elevator for easier transport. 
For some fun out on the water an easy to swap out  Float Kit is available making the Fun Master a true sea plane.  Also a matched Power Combo removing any guess work for all electronics required.

OVER SIZE SHIPPING BOX :  Depending on your location we recommend UPS Ground shipping option.

Model specs:
  •   Wingspan = 47" including wing tips  Length = 37"
  •   AUW = 700g 
  •   4ch = Radio
Recommended required components:
  •   55-72g 950-1170kv Out-Runner
  •   22-30A ESC
  •   (4) 9-14g servos
  •   3s 1350-2200mah with 10x3.8 or 10x4.7 or 11x5.5 prop
  •   (2) 7" & (2) 12" Servo Extension wires


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  • Posted by Fun Master Fun on Jul 29th 2018


    Fun Master

    The Fun Master is a great plane that falls in between the full fuselage and profile models, ie, the fuselage is just thick enough to house and contain all the electronics and associated wiring. This is truly an ARF, nearly all the gluing on this model is done at the factory, this model can easily be ready to fly out of the box in a couple hours. Component quality and printed graphics on the model are superb, with only minor fit-up of parts needed. At first glance the Fun Master just looks like another high wing trainer, and it does a great job filling those roles, however it is a lot of fun and agile enough for the experienced pilot as well. This is a great grab and go plane for fun in the park. And if you chose to attach the optional float kit, it is a blast off the water. Battery bay and location of the bay will accommodate up to 3s/2200 batteries with the proper CG. Flight times with this size battery are up to 10 minutes or more depending on flying style. This is a great all around airframe for every day sport flying and a great addition to any hanger.