NX3 Evo Flight Stabilization Controller for Fixed-Wing Airplanes

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NX3 Evo


1. Features:

  • NX3evo provides four different levels of flight modes: 1, Beginner 2, Practice 3, Advanced 4, Expert.
  • Four wing types: Single (Dual ailerons)/Delta wing/V-tail.
  • Separate gain adjustment for each axis
  • Single/Separate Dual ailerons recognition capability.
  • Remote master gain adjustment during flight.
  • Including emergency mode, One-key auto safety.
  • Automatic stick centering
  • Automatic level offset, self-balance.
  • 3D AVCS flight, Attitude locking.
  • Provide Y-wiring for aileron.

2. Specifications:

  • Voltage range: DC 4.5 – 6V
  • Response Frequency: 100Hz
  • Operating Temperature: 0-50°C
  • Dimension: 43x28x15mm
  • Weight: 11g

3. Packing List:

  • NX3evo Flight Controller Board
  • NX3evo Manual   
  • Servo Wire set  
  • Double-sided Tape  
  • Screwdriver

PDF Manual

Warranty!!!!   Flight Stability Controllers can effect and shorten life of servo.  Using this product may damage servos.


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  • Posted by DB on Jun 25th 2020


    NX3 evo

    I use beginner mode as my safe mode. When ever I get in trouble, I just hit the switch. I switch on for landings to. So much smoother.