TH 35" Crack Turbo Beaver - Float Kit -

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Crack Beaver - Float Kit


Having fun with your Crack Turbo Beaver isn't just limited to the land any more!   We welcome the RcFactory Crack Turbo Beaver Float Kit, made of ultra light weight cut foam and utilizing the stock landing gear assembly with additional supports which come with the Float Kit.   Easy to assembly and remove back to running stock wheels! We recommend added tape to the bottom to increase strength and durability.  Foam Safe CA glue is recommended for gluing this kit together any other glues may damage parts.

* Please note water or moisture contact with electrical components can cause issues.   Running floats in water can cause electrical shorts or other issues related to moisture from water spray.   We suggest protecting the electrics with CorrosionX spray and or use ballon method of covering electronics.   Electrics can be damaged with use of this product and user must be aware of this, Twisted Hobbys is not responsible for any issues related to this product.

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2 Reviews

  • Posted by Simon S. on Sep 20th 2016


    Fun but light duty

    These make my beaver so much fun since they can be taken on and off. But they are not very tough so be careful not to crash hard or they may brake. Also ive added packaging tape to the bottom to my last set which make it stronger and slide easier. Twisted make a large kit for the big beaver!

  • Posted by Steven Luke on Aug 17th 2016


    its like a new plane!

    First thoughts were I wasn't going to like it but it seems to be designed very light weight so its a good thing. Cool i can take them on and off and use the wheels. The hardware is smart and works great. I've only flown off of the wheel and plan to use them on the snow this winter here in PA so I can only give a 4 star since I don't know how they will do on the snow.