HM 48" EPP Mustang Miss America - Reno Racer 1200

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HM 48 Mustang Miss A


Welcome to Hacker Model largest Reno Racer sports EPP flyer!  Semi-Scale Models of the American Warbirds in Reno. High performance EPP Fun Reno Racers Serie for outdoor flying. Models are produced by modern technology on CNC machines from EPP “almost unbreakable” material. Assemble in an evening! Models come painted as shown with no decals apply! Special CAD painting process for scale details never before possible in EPP models. ALL-EPP Foam construction makes these warbirds tough to damage. If you crash the airplane and the EPP breaks, it breaks cleanly, which allows you to repair it with CA glue in few minutes.

Model Spec's:
  Wingspan = 48"/43" Length
  AUW = 25 oz

Recommended Required Components:
  4x 6-11g servos
  Out-runner 50-80g 1100-1250kv
  30-45A ESC
  3s 1500-2200mah lipo battery
  10x4-11x5 prop
  Welder Adhesive Glue

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5 Reviews

  • Posted by Jim Porter on Jun 1st 2020



    Mine is a 'bit' overpowered at 1100 watts, but with a little extra carbon it's a LOT of fun. Great speed range and excellent acceleration. The first time I flew it the outer parts of the wing were not stiff enough so I added some carbon strips on the diagonal. The next flights were perfect - truly 'point and shoot'. At 1/4 throttle it's very docile and nicely mannered, but still quite aerobatic. In my journal, it's a keeper.

  • Posted by Jeremy on Oct 7th 2019


    Hacker Miss America

    Fantastic flying warbird very beefy thick foam ,nice size easy to see in the air, wide speed range will slow right down for landings fun plane