Outrunner 2217-1170KV 70g "Crack Series Pro" Motor

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70g 2217-1170KV CSP
CSP 72g 2217-1170KV
  • Outrunner 2217-1170KV 70g "Crack Series Pro" Motor
  • Outrunner 2217-1170KV 70g "Crack Series Pro" Motor
  • Outrunner 2217-1170KV 70g "Crack Series Pro" Motor
  • Outrunner 2217-1170KV 70g "Crack Series Pro" Motor
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The Twisted Hobbys Crack Series Pro 2217 70g 1170KV motor is an excellent choice for you 22-32oz model.  Newly revised and updated design for even lower weight yet more power.  While lowering watts and amps output surprisingly we were able to increasing thrust showing some extreme efficiency and how well these motors outperform the rest!  Without breaking a sweat the new CSP out runners will easily achieve great vertical performance on any of our smaller park flyer models. 
Our goal was to create the most powerful, better balanced, higher accelerating motor along with the highest quality components manufactured to Twisted Hobbys spec's. Quality without compromise!    There is no mistaking the quality, reliability and overall performance of our Crack Series out runner motors.  Tested, proven to outlast and provide you with endless flights!  
Recommended setup = 10x3.8 sf or 11x5.5 E props running 3s 1800-2200mah packs.  
  • Weight: 70g / 80g with prop adapter & rear mount installed.
  • Case diameter: 27.7mm
  • Case length: 33mm
  • Shaft diameter: 3.17 mm / 5mm removable prop shaft adapter
  • RPM per Volt (KV): 1150
  • Li-Po cells: 2-4
  • 35 Amps : Max Burst = 45
  • Constant watts = 350 : Max = 550
  • No Load Current (lo)= .75 Amp @ 8 Volts
  • Motor Timing= 5-10 degrees
  • PWM Frequency= 8kHz
  • Stator Diameter= 22mm
  • Stator Thickness= 17mm
  • Stator Slots= 12
  • Magnet Poles= 14
  • Wind Motor- 16 Turn Delta
  • Heavy Duty 3mm Thick front and rear motor prop mounting setups, 3.5mm pre-soldered bullet connects are also completed for quick and easy installation
  • Propeller size: 10x3.8 / 11x5.5 E Prop
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