Outrunner 2217-1170KV 70g "Crack Series Pro" Motor

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70g 2217-1170KV CSP


The Crack Series Pro 2217 70g 1170KV motor is an excellent choice for your 43-44" models or any 18-26oz models.  The 2217 always for lowering watts and amps while increasing thrust output with the use of a larger prop diameter.  Without breaking a sweat the new CSP out runners will easily achieve great vertical performance on any of our smaller park flyer models.  Recommended setup = 10x3.8 sf or 11x5.5 E props running 3s 1800-2200mah packs. 

Flange mount will work with Twisted Hobbys  Alum motor mount upgrade kit as well.


Propeller size: 10x3.8 / 11x5.5 E Prop
Weight: 70g / 80g with prop adapter and rear mount installed.
Case diameter: 27.7mm
Case length: 33mm
Shaft diameter: 3.17 mm / 5mm removable prop shaft adapter
RPM per Volt (KV): 1150
Li-Po cells: 2-4
35 Amps : Max Burst = 45
Constant watts = 350 : Max = 550
No Load Current (lo)= .75 Amp @ 8 Volts
Motor Timing= 5-10 degrees
PWM Frequency= 8kHz
Stator Diameter= 22mm
Stator Thickness= 17mm
Stator Slots= 12
Magnet Poles= 14
Wind Motor- 16 Turn Delta
Heavy Duty 3mm Thick front and rear motor prop mounting setups, 3.5mm pre-soldered bullet connects are also completed for quick and easy installation

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