Outrunner 2305 1500KV 25g "Crack Series PRO" Motor

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25g 2305-1500KV CSP
Crack Series 26g 1450KV
  • Outrunner 2305 1500KV 25g "Crack Series PRO" Motor
  • Outrunner 2305 1500KV 25g "Crack Series PRO" Motor
  • Outrunner 2305 1500KV 25g "Crack Series PRO" Motor
  • Outrunner 2305 1500KV 25g "Crack Series PRO" Motor
  • Outrunner 2305 1500KV 25g "Crack Series PRO" Motor
  • Outrunner 2305 1500KV 25g "Crack Series PRO" Motor
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While Twisted Hobbys has already been known for designing airplanes, we also create some of the most powerful small motors available and our Crack Series Pro series are the perfect example!  We have done it again, we have surpassed our most popular small out-runner and redesigned our older 26g Crack Series classic series motor.  
Our goal was to create the most powerful, better balanced, higher accelerating motor along with the highest quality components manufactured to Twisted Hobbys spec's. One of our features to this series is a fixed prop hub assembly, allowing for easy install of prop saver and ultra balanced rotating assemble.  Shallow height can also for increased prop stability, high grade magnets with a new winding along with a hollow shaft allows for ultimate spoil up, increased cooling ability as well resulting in even more thrust output.  Quality without compromise!   Also we have increased the hardware spare parts for even more prop saver hub's since they have been known to get lost, also more o-rings are now included.  There is no mistaking the quality, reliability and overall performance of our Crack Series out runner motors.  Tested, proven to outlast and provide you with endless flights!  
Running 2s or 3s the 2305-1500kv is capable of 60-120+ watts of power using standard 8" prop setups.  The 5.5mm integrated new hub design works directly with our APC,GWS,PT Model or Tuff Slow Fly props.  Twisted Hobbys "Crack Series PRO" 2305-1500KV 25g Brushless motor can be used for any 6-14oz foamie model. 
Our Recommended setup:
  • 2s w/ 8x4.3 or 9x4.7 Prop
Optional setup.
  • 3s w/ 8x4.3 Prop * Please Note * 9x4.7 is not recommended when running with 3s lipo's
  • 25g true weight with connectors
  • Constant Amps = 10 / 20 Burst
  • 2s 60 watts /3s 120+ watts (depending on prop)
  • 2mm bullet connectors pre-soldered
Includes: New Extras!
  • Pre-Soldered 2mm Bullet Connectors, (4) O-Ring, (4) mounting screws and (4) 7mm alum prop hub adapters.

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10 Reviews

  • 5
    2305 1500KV Crack Series Pro Motot

    Very please with all aspects of this motor so far, not much flight time yet, but so far very good!!!

  • 5

    This thing is an absolute beast!! Run on 2 or 3 cell it pulls a 32" indoor foamy around with ease

  • 5
    Video of test run o 32" span WWI plane

    This motor produces an unbelievable amount of power and thrust swinging the 9" recommended prop. Should be able to fly with 1/3 rd throttle for extended flights. https://twistedhobbys.com/outrunner-2206-1450kv-26g-crack-series-motor/

  • 5
    Crack series motor

    Definitely a good match for the 32" crack series planes. Very strong reliable.

  • 4
    Very good little motor.

    A very strong, trouble free little motor. Excellent choice for the Twisted Hobbys F-22 Jet, the Mustang racer series and the Zoro wing. Plenty of power and very quiet. My only complaint is that the prop-saver hub is not removable. If I could use a conventional prop adapter on this motor it would be five stars all day long.

  • 5
    Good strong motor

    packaging was good in bag along with hardware screws orings and small alum disc's. Connectors are done for you which i liked. Wires are short though worked fine with matting esc wire lengths. Pulls strong on 2 cell and no heat cool to touch. Runs smooth not noisy sounding.

  • 5
    Good stuf!!!

    I've had a few of these style motors these are the strongest I've come across

  • 5
    Like a Timex watch......

    takes a lickin and keeps on tickin!!! Awesome lil motors, I have several of the crack series motors on my TH planes, they have never failed me, even under a heavy combat load.

  • 5

    Have 2 of them on my th birds. They have the most pull out of my other 22-- series motors we run them on 2s and 3s. Haven't been able to kill on yet :-)

  • 5
    Great Motor

    I have had this motor for over a year now and is still going strong like the first day I got it. I must admit I have had quite a few crashes with her.

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