Power Combo 24" Mini - CRACK SERIES DMG -

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BUNDLE AND SAVE!  Twisted Hobbys series power combos gives you the perfect balance of performance, quality products at affordable prices.  Our matched components are a true plug and play system ready to be installed.

The new Crack Series 24" Mini mono planes Power Combo gives you the perfect balance of performance, quality products at affordable prices. With our matched components these power systems are a true plug and play system ready to be installed. The heart of the power system is the Crack Series 13g 2300kv motor and 6A esc to provide extreme performance for you Mini model.  Along with our newest CS-40DMG and CS-35DMG servos designed to give you the most in performance and reliability.    *We recommend 2s 180-250mah with GWS 6x3 or 7x3.5 DD props and a 4-6ch micro receiver*

Power System includes:

  • 13g 2300kv Crack Series Pro out-runner
  • 6A TH-CS ESC
  • (2) CS-35DMG Digital Metal Gear Nano Servos (new upgrade)
  • (1) CS-40DMG Digital Metal Gear Micro Servo (new upgrade)
  • (1) 7x3.5 GWS DD Prop

Used for the following models:

  • 24" Crack Yak-55
  • 24" Crack Edge 540
  • 24" Crack MXS

6 Reviews

  • Posted by Phil Newberg on Mar 4th 2020


    Power pack

    I have several of these and all work flawless

  • Posted by Richard on Nov 17th 2018


    Pets that fit and hi performance.

    I installed this in a 24 inch mini Crack Yak. The serious amounts of power the motor gives combined with the precision of the servos is amazing. This little plane is a speed demon that tracks like its on rails. Unbelievable performance from such a smal package.