VA-Model 41" ULTIMATE X3 EPP Full Fuse - Yellow

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VA Ultimate Yellow
  • VA-Model 41" ULTIMATE X3 EPP Full Fuse - Yellow
  • VA-Model 41" ULTIMATE X3 EPP Full Fuse - Yellow
  • VA-Model 41" ULTIMATE X3 EPP Full Fuse - Yellow
  • VA-Model 41" ULTIMATE X3 EPP Full Fuse - Yellow


Welcome to full fuse EPP construction, increase flight envelope and added tumbles associated with larger balsa models all while having EPP Foam durability!   All VA-models are crafted in Europe giving you ultra light weight high detailed EPP construction.  The 41" EPP full fuse Ultimate X3 is a full acrobatic model based on real scale model. Realistic and dynamic flight characteristics that will appreciate it for beginners as well as advanced pilots.

CNC / Laser manufactured for highest quality EPP foam air-frame best its class.  Semi construction of fuse which speeds building, most of the air-frame is constructed from EPP with great attention to detailed graphics, which combine elegance with ferocity.  Graphics design is unique and high detailed as is all construction parts. 

Model Spec's:
  •   Wingspan/Length = 41/41.5"
  •   AUW = 23-26oz. (depending on setup)
Recommended Setup:
  •   (4) 9-15g Metal Gear Servo
  •   70-100g Out-runner (200-300 Watts)
  •   30-45A ESC
  •   3s 1350-1800 lipo
  •   10x3.8 - 11x5.5 Prop
  •   4 Channel Radio/Receiver
  • PDF Manual:   Link
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2 Reviews

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    VA 41" Ultimate

    Posted by Rich Irvine on Dec 13th 2020

    Kit quality is good. Directions could be improved. For experienced builders only

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    VA Ultimate

    Posted by Ken Dammand on Apr 14th 2020

    I purchased this plane about a year ago and I have to say that it is my favorite plane at present. It will perform every imaginable maneuver and does so over a very wide speed envelope. It is both stable and aerobatic. Also, it is tough. EPP takes a lot of stress out of flying. It endures flip over landings and even an occasional encounter with an immovable object usually with no damage at all. After a year of flying this plane I finally had become so confident (always a bad omen) that I recently put it through a full speed vertical encounter with blacktop. Yes, it broke the cowl and shook a few of the glued points on the plane loose. But nothing that took more than a few minutes to fix. And, because the EPP always returns to it's original shape, unlike lesser foams, the repairs are practically invisible. The kit comes with a plywood motor mount . I did not use this. Rather, I substituted a block of EPP foam with a piece of plywood glued on the front of it. Had I used the plywood mount, it would have been destroyed in the crash I described above. The EPP was fine. I use up to 3 cell, 2700 mAh batteries and it flies fine with them. They recommend a 1350 mAh, 3 cell. I've never tried that. I am using the standard power package that TH recommends for this plane and usually hold my flights to 6-7 minutes. This is a beautiful plane. I can't recommend it highly enough. Get one! You'll be glad you did. The

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