VA-Model 59" EPP FULL FUSE - Piper L-4U Cub - Green -

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VA Piper Cub Green


The 59” EPP Piper J Cub is the newest model released by VA Models.  What the Ford T represented for car transport, popular Piper J-3/L-4U Cub means for sports aviation. There was produced  over 3,000 from 1937 year until the US entered the war. With the military orders, for which yellow had to be replaced by olive,the production increased to one L-4 Grasshoper (as the military designation read) every 20 minutes. And hundreds of them still fly today …

Our Piper J-3 Cub is designed to for advanced pilots who like aerobatic flying, but it is also suitable for recreational, relaxed flying, where we can say that this model is ideal for all novice pilots , who has at least a few successful flights on the PC simulator or has experience with flying models with ailerons.

We tried to make the model visually and flight balanced, the design of the model contains many details, 3D plastic engines imitations, exhausts and many other elements that make the model very attractive and majestic. 

The fuselage is structural and it’s completely assembled and reinforced. All electronics can be installed inside the fuselage, the installation doesn’t spoil the appearance of the model. The rudder and elevator are glued to the locking system, so settling and gluing is a matter of a few seconds. The wings are removable and have a specially designed profile for multiple flight modes. The two-wheel chassis is spring-loaded and removable. The rear steerable spur is sprung.

Model Spec’s
Wingspan = 59” / Length = 41”
AUW = 31-33 oz depending on setup
Recommended Setup:
(4) Metal Gear 14-18g 
70-100g Out-runner (250-450 Watts)
30-45A ESC
3s 1350-2200mah lipo
11x4.7-12.6 Prop



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  • Posted by Chris D. on May 31st 2021


    TH-VA Piper L-4U

    A very nice scale looking foamie that is easy to build, lots of stuff in the kit is already assembled. This can be either very tame or spirited depending on the Power Combo. The Twisted Hobbys 44-48" power combo with a 3s/2200mAh battery will put the CG just about perfect and be all the power you would ever want. Maximize the Control throws for crazy fun with a plane that looks very innocent, or just putt around the sky at half throttle and low rates. An all around great flier and great scale looks.