VA-Model 75" Arcon Epp Glider (GREEN)

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VA 75 ACRON Green


ARCON is an electric glider with a wingspan of 1900mm and It’s made from almost unbreakable EPP material by CNC technology. This plane is ideal for learning and practicing simple aerobatics, so it’s suitable for beginners and also for advanced pilots. The wings are two-piece, removable, and there we used a wing profile, which features our very popular PEGASUS glider, model again has a large wing surface and is capable of very slow flight.
The model has twin dihedral wings and it’s very stable, this is appreciated by novice pilots. Dihedral of wings is not so big, so there is possible to have a fun. The model isn’t designed for a speed and acrobatic disciplines.

The aircraft is equipped with a sober/elegant graphic design, which is well differentiated top and bottom of the model. For its design and wingspan is Arcon very good legible even at higher altitudes.

The fuselage is completely folded. Kit including all locks for securing wings, fixed bed for the El./Rud. servos (recommended 8-13 g micro servo) and the lower part contains a door for the LiPol battery (750 – 1300mAh LiPo 2-3S). Recommended  for ailerons are 9-13g micro servos with strength of +-2,0kg.

Flight preparation means: of fixing and connecting the elevator / rudder, fixing and reinforcing wings, installation of electric components, and balance of the model, connecting LiPo battery and flying. Model build time is approximately 2-3 hours.


Model Spec's:

  •   Wingspan/Length = 75' / 39"
  •   AUW = 19-20oz. (depending on setup)
  •   Wing Area = 46.2dm2

Recommended Setup:
  (4) Gear 5-9g 
  40-58g Out-runner (200-300 Watts)
  12-20A ESC
  3s 750-1350 lipo
  8x6-9x5 Folding prop

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