Volta 2S 450mah 60-80c Lipo

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Lipo L017


Our most powerful battery we have tested and carry!  Low voltage drop and ability to delivery very high current these Volta's will not disappoint!


  • Capacity: 450mah
  • Current Load: 60c
  • Burst Load: 80c
  • Nominal voltage:7.4V(2s)
  • Weight: 31g
  • Connectors: JST and Balancing Tab

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2 Reviews

  • Posted by Gabriel on Jun 26th 2018


    Volta 2s 450mah

    Strong little packs ! MUCH better than the 25c packs from the past. I'm already getting solid 5 minute 3D flights with only 2 cycles on the packs, will get better i'm sure. 60C+ is always better...nice choice Twisted Hobbys! :-D

  • Posted by David Wilson on Mar 30th 2018


    Volta 450

    Perfect battery for the amazing MXS-C. I've tried several others, but keep coming back to this battery. Great value and quality.