Volta 3S 600mah 30~60c Lipo

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Lipo L029


Our most powerful battery we have tested and carry!  Low voltage drop and ability to delivery very high current these Volta's will not disappoint!

  • Specs:
  • Capacity: 600mah
  • Current Load: 30c
  • Burst Load: 60c
  • Nominal voltage:11.1V(3s)
  • Weight: 53g
  • Connectors: JST and Balancing Tab

Extra Information

2 Reviews

  • Posted by Great battery on Aug 15th 2020


    Volta 600mAh 3s battery

    What can one say about a battery? All of them mostly work about the same - they do the job, and they last awhile...good enough.
    I have several Twisted Hobby batteries. All of them still work well, after a year - no swelling or anything - sometimes caused by bad throttle management, not the battery.
    These batteries run relatively cool, but again, the pilot has a bit to do with that.
    An excellent battery, I recommend it.

  • Posted by Eliseo Martinez on Apr 27th 2020


    Good batters

    Work well