Veloxity .. Standing the test of time

Veloxity .. Standing the test of time

Standing the test of time are the words I would use to describe my Twisted Hobbys 42” Veloxity. This model has been my favorite daily flyer for almost 7 seasons and 415 flights making it the longest model I’ve ever owned.

Since the first season of flying the Velocity I’ve been telling club members that there was something different about this plane compared to other foam profile planes in the market. With its true airfoil style wing and generous control surfaces it flies more like a conventional full fuselage balsa plane with an excellent glide envelope. It's tall fuselage and SFG’s allow for perfect knife edge flight and precision flight maneuvers. Over the past 6 years I have let many club members fly my Veloxity and now we have almost a dozen 42” Veloxitys and Edge 540s in our club.Not all 415 flights have been pretty flights. The Veloxity has had some excellent crash stories from mid air collisions, boat docks, trees and more. Last year at our clubs streamer cutting event I was flying around when another plane plowed right through me. The motor went one way, the battery went another and chunks of EPP foam were floating down like falling leaves. I was able to gather up all the pieces and determined to prove to the club how resilient the Veloxity is I sat down under the club pavilion with a hot glue gun in hand and installed all the pieces back into their locations. The hot glue repairs were not pretty looking but I wanted the Veloxity to show her battle scars with pride. Within a 1/2 hour I went from a model destroying mid air collision to back out on the field flying my 3D routine like nothing happened.

I highly recommend the 42” Veloxity for anyone looking for a foam 3D plane. The Veloxity can easily be setup and flown to cater any pilot’s skill level and flying styles. Hey don’t take my word for it go build yourself a Veloxity today!

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Feb 21st 2023 Chris Reibert

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