Twisted Hobbys Mini Edge 540 Review

Twisted Hobbys Mini Edge 540 Review

You know what they say. Good things come in small packages. This is a proven fact with the Twisted Hobbys 24” 3D acrobatic mono planes. I chose to built the 24” Mini Edge 540. This model is a great flat foamie for indoor or calm backyard flying and can be built a just a few short hours. The 24” series are great planes to keep in the trunk of your car for lunch time flying. If you own the Twisted Hobbys 42” Edge they match and pair well together.

The Mini Edge 540 builds similar to the other 24”-48” mono planes from Twisted Hobbys. I chose to use CA and kicker to make this a speed built unlike my longer FoamTac builds. I took this model from the box to its maiden flight in just two hours time. I like recommend using a foam building board, parchment paper and T-pins to hold all the pieces square and secure when glueing the model together. This insures a straight and true build every time.

I used Twisted Hobby’s recommended 24” Mini Crack Series DMG power combo which included everything you need for the build minus the RX and battery pack. I also purchased a few of Twisted Hobby’s Crack Series 2S 250mah Lipo packs to power the build. The electronics are a perfect selection of weight and power for this tiny little acrobatic model.

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Feb 21st 2023 Chris Reibert

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