Power Combo 32" Gee Bee "CS DMG"

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BUNDLE AND SAVE!  Twisted Hobbys series power combos offers the perfect balance of performance, quality products at affordable prices.  Our matched components are a true plug and play system ready to be installed.5With the Crack Series Motor along with our Volta 15A Esc gives matched performance right out of the box with all component leads finished with matching bullets & JST's.  In conjunction with our Crack Series Digital Metal Gear CS-70 DMG for maximum torque, speed and accuracy you desire for a true plug and play system.  Depending on product updates photo of products may looks different, please refer to the listing below for specific product details included in power system.

We recommend 2s with 9x4.7 slow fly props with this setup, can be run on 3s with 8x4.3 prop.

Power System kits include:

  • Crack Series 2305 or 2206
  • Volta 15A ESC
  • (4) CS-70 DMG 7g Crack Series Micro Servos
  • 9x4.7 Tuff Prop

Recommended setup:

  • 2s 450mah w/ 9x4.7

Alternative setup: (HOT setup) must switch to smaller 8x4 size prop.

  • 3s 450mah w/ 8x4.3 or 8x4 DD

Used for the following models:

  • 35" Crack Beaver
  • 35" Crack Camel
  • 35" Crack Fokker
  • 32" Gee Bee