Power Combo Clik/Shake - INDOOR (low weight) -CRACK DMG SERIES-

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BUNDLE AND SAVE!  Twisted Hobbys series power combos gives you the perfect balance of performance, quality products at affordable prices.  Our matched components are a true plug and play system ready to be installed.

The heart of the power system lies with our Crack Series 14g 1620KV motor and our 15A VOLTA Series esc to provide extreme performance for your SUPER-LITE models.   Along with our CS-70DMG and CS-40DMG servos designed to give you the most in performance and durability. *We recommend 2s 250-360mah with GWS 8x4.0 DD props and a 4-6ch micro receiver*    This power system is our lightest weight in-door system, model needs to be built as low weight as possible to take advantage for power vs weight ratio.  Model weight must be low.

PC05 Power System includes:

  • Crack Series Pro 2202 1620kv
  • Crack Series Pro 15A ESC
  • (2) CS-40DMG Servos
  • CS-70DMG Servo
  • 8x4.0 GWS DD Prop

Used for the following Rc Models:

  • Rc Factory 33" Clik
  • Hacker 33" Shake
  • Can be used for other indoor models as well.



3 Reviews

  • Posted by Power combo for Clik on Jul 14th 2018


    All excellent components for use in the Clik aircraft.

    This package was purchased to (eventually) replace equipment in a great flying Clik that was purchased in 2014. The motor and servos (CS TH 40 and 70) work well and are long lasting. Rudder replaced after flight 5,801, Aileron 6,180, Elevator still working after 6,270 flights. Haven't used the 15A BSC yet. Original TH 6A lasted 805 flights. All flights were indoors.

  • Posted by Bob on Nov 20th 2016


    Clik NG Power Combo

    This gives excellent power and control surface control