TH 31" EPP Nemesis - Twisted Racer - Purple

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TH Nemesis P


From the team that dominates the backyard and park 3D foamy scene comes something new, fast, and fun!  The Twisted Racers are the coolest thing around for (in)formal club pylon racing, aerobatics, or just plain fun sport flying.  Nearly indestructible, these models are ideal for bashing around or flying with friends who don't always yield the right of way.  Two aircraft, the Nemesis and Mustang, based on full-scale Reno racing classics, available in two schemes each mean that everybody gets to fly something unique and stay competitive!

Twisted Hobbys again brings you the killer combination of Cody Wojcik's design approach and RCFactory's world class construction methods and stunning artwork.  The result is an aircraft that builds with extreme ease...just a few hours is all you need.  Once airborne, the Racers track along with perfect, stable manners, effortlessly carving through high-speed aerobatics or pulling high-G turns on an improvised pylon course.

Flying on the proven and affordable power combo also used in the standard 32" 3D aircraft such as the Crack Yak and Edge, the Racers easily achieve 6 minute flights with a 3S 600 mah battery.
A couple of Twisted Racers will turn two properly spaced lamp posts, trees, pool noodles, or anything else into an impromptu racing circuit!

Model Spec's:
  Wingspan = 31"
  Length = 28"
  AUW = 8.1oz
Recommended Required Components:
  2x 5g servos (rudder/elevator)
  1x 9g servo (ailerons)
  Out-runner 24-30g 1400-1500kv (flange mount)
  Esc 10-15 Amp
  3s 450-750mah Lipo battery
  8x4.3 or 8x4DD prop
  Adhesive Glue & CA Glue
  4-6 ch Micro Receiver (RX)


2 Reviews

  • Posted by Bill G on Sep 7th 2019


    Great park racer.

    This has become my go to small field sport flyer and it lives in my car for impromptu flying sessions (hang it from the prop to avoid warping it on hot days). It handles moderate wind well and tracks like it is on rails. It is just the right size for small fields. Throttle it back and crank up the rates and it will do anything you want in a baseball infield. It was a quick and easy build and the color scheme gets attention at the field.

  • Posted by Chris D. on Sep 5th 2016


    Just Right Racer

    All the Racer fly unbelievably nice... they track beautifully, and go right where you point them. whether just wanting an after work go-to plane, a park racer with your friends or something that is not "3D", this little airplane fills the bill nicely. Righteous Racer.