RCF 39" Edge 540 V3 Review

RCF 39" Edge 540 V3 Review

The updated RC Factory 39" Edge V3 is now available at Twisted Hobbies! This latest version of the popular 39" EPP model has numerous improvements over the classic airframe making it more capable than ever. Along with a fantastic new look, the newly redesigned fuselage and a thicker wing adds up to a much more rigid model to support aggressive 3D maneuvers and a more powerful motor setup.

Carbon bracing has been added to the top and bottom of the tail section making it extremely rigid, the new design really helps eliminate any fuselage twist that used to be an issue with aggressive rolls. A newly designed thicker wing also makes the model tougher and more rigid.

The beefed up fuselage and wing also allow the model to carry a larger, more powerful motor combination. In the video the TW 2217-1170 motor was used along with the TW 30A esc which provides an enormous increase in power over the typical 39" power setup. The extra power allows for larger batteries to be flown for longer flight times, more torque for 3D maneuvers and a much higher top speed.

New 3D printed servo horns and landing gear mounts are included along with the servo linkage kit. Assembling this plane only takes an evening or two thanks to it's intuitive and simple design. It's thick EPP construction makes it very durable even when carrying a heavier motor and battery.

Very excited to see what will be accomplished with this intense new model! The new 39" Edge V3 can be found here:

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Aug 8th 2019 James Abbott

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