HM 48" EPP 1200 MX 2 - Full Fuse - Blue

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HM 48 MX 2 Blue


Hacker Model's EPP MX2 is aerobatic model with box structure fuselage. The model is inspired by the real MX2 - carbon fiber, two seat tandem sport aircraft produced by MX Aircraft of North Carolina. The main parts of the model are made of expanded polypropylene (EPP), which provides excellent resistance for the flying plane and during small crashes. The model has a plastic engine cover, transparent canopy and carbon landing gear. The wing is removable and is fixed to the fuselage with two plastic screws. Two-piece landing gear is bolted to a plywood center wing structure. The model is fully color-printed. You can add stickers to the engine cowl and to the cockpit. Motor mount is designed for rear engine mounting.

Model Spec's:
  Wingspan = 48"
  AUW = 33-35oz.
Recommended Setup:
  (4) Metal Gear 14-20g (digital)
  80-130g Out-runner (250-450 Watts)
  45A ESC
  3s 1850-2200mah lipo
  11x4.7-12.6 Prop



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