TH 35" EPP ZORRO Wing - Green

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Rcf 35 Zorro G


Introducing Twisted Hobbys all-new 35” EPP Zorro Wing from RcFactory! Setting new grounds for capable combat indoor/outdoor wing is ready for fast-paced aerobatics, fun combat, FPV or just spur of the moment flying with minimal investment. The Crack Wing's huge fins make for exceptional stability in low speeds also great choice for FPV. Like all of Twisted Hobbys foamies, the low weight and durable full EPP construction make this airplane perform great while remaining incredibly durable, all without breaking the bank. The Zorro Wing boasts a wide speed range and quick construction, making it an ideal spec combat plane or just a bunch of no-frills fun for pilots of any skill level. 
Model Spec’s:
  35.43” (900mm) Wing Span
  3 channel control
  210-250g AUW
Power Combo Bundled Package Link:
Recommend Required Power System Components:

Other Requirements:

  •   Receiver  4 - 6 ch: Link 
  •   3s450/850mah Lipo: Link
  •   Adhesive Glue :   Link

Build Resources & Replacement Parts Links:

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4 Reviews

  • Posted by Joe Kohler on Nov 14th 2018


    The Zorro is a fantastic wing

    The Zorro has the widest speed envelope of any plane or wing that I own. It can go quite fast and amazingly slowly. It is highly maneuverable and at the same time stable and smooth. It has a very shallow power off glide and lands like a feather. It is a superb plane for a small field and exciting on a large field. It was easy and fun to build. It may look similar to other EPP wings but it flies much better. It is so good I just ordered a spare Zorro, this time in orange!

  • Posted by Gary Stanton on Aug 12th 2018


    TH 35" Zorro Wing

    I have owned and flown several wings over the years, and without a doubt the TH Zorro is the best wing I have flown. Extremely easy to assemble and as durable as they come. Easy to launch, just hold it by the wing and with a light forward motion let go of it, no hard toss necessary. Once trimmed it flies like it is on a laser. Take it straight up, shut it off and watch it soar like a glider. This thing is amazing, everybody should have at least one in their collection.