TH 24" EPP Mini Edge 540 Yellow

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RCF Mini Edge Y


Presenting the new RcFactory 24" Mini Edge-540 EPP aircraft designed by Twisted Hobbys and RcFactory.  The Mini Edge-540 offers yet a new flavor in our mini model line up creating a diversity of options for newer pilots wanting a mini model.  We focused on a certain wing loading that insures pilots instant enjoyment once in the air, she simply fly's amazing!  Our larger Edge 540 model has always been one of our customers favorites do to its ability to teach newer 3d pilots yet excels pasted seasoned 3d veterans.  Now with the new Mini Edge 540 we have achieved a similar feel as its larger brother but a smaller compact mini version.  As with all our EPP models the mini Edge-540 has the highest quality EPP manufacturing and hardware along with straight forward air frame assembly.  Constructions is simple, also builds and runs the same running gear as the other mini models.  Aside from the newest hardware updates, the mini Edge 540 air frame is completely new and shares similar feel to its larger brother.  This is a must have Twisted Hobbys Mini EPP model!  New updated scheme for 2018
Model Specs:
  Wing span – 24” / Length – 25”
  AUW 90 - 100g
Required Power System Link:
Power System Components:

Other Requirements:

  •   Receiver  4 - 6 ch: Link 
  •   2s180/350mah Lipo: Link
  •   Adhesive Glue :   Link

Build Resources & Replacement Parts Links:

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5 Reviews

  • Posted by John on Jan 13th 2021


    Great little plane

    This is my 4th TH plane, and it's another winner. Easy build (approx. 4 hours), and flies great.

    With the recommended electronics, mine hovers at 1/2 throttle, and I get about 5.5 minute flights with a Volta 2S 240 mah battery. Even at recommended low rates, control authority is outstanding, and it is capable of knife-edge loops, even without the side force generators, which I generally never install on planes.

    Since the landing gear doesn't have wheels, I opted to leave the gear off altogether, and just land it on the belly.

    It handles light wind fine, but really shines when there is no wind. Slow flight is outstanding, and the coupling in flat rudder turns and knife-edge flight is minimal and easily managed. My only problem is that because it is so small, and the color scheme isn't different enough between the top and bottom, it is very easy for me to lose orientation of the plane, so I need to keep it close to me. However, flying in the front yard of my 1/2 acre yard that has tree, keeping it close will be mandatory, and this plane is fully capable of flying in such a small area.

  • Posted by Unknown on Nov 5th 2019


    24" EPP Mini Edge 540

    This is a great little plane to keep in your car for an opportune flight, backyard flying, etc. The Edge flys like a big plane and is capable of doing amazing stuff in confined flying spaces.
    The kit is high quality EPP foam and very easy to assemble. The assembly instructions are detailed and easy to understand.
    This plane is another example of Twisted Hobby's awesome selection of well designed foamy aircraft.