TH 32" EPP Crack Yak-55 Gold

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RCF Crack Yak Gold
  • TH 32" EPP Crack Yak-55 Gold
  • TH 32" EPP Crack Yak-55 Gold
  • TH 32" EPP Crack Yak-55 Gold
  • TH 32" EPP Crack Yak-55 Gold
  • TH 32" EPP Crack Yak-55 Gold


Introducing the infamous Crack Yak-55, our ultimate 3D EPP model! Collaboratively crafted with Twisted Hobbys Team pilot Chris Jewett, this profile EPP 3D marvel delivers unparalleled flight dynamics for both aspiring and experienced pilots. Our innovative EPP construction ensures swift assembly and unmatched durability, outlasting the competition. This model features pre-hinged components and an advanced carbon fiber trust design, streamlining assembly while maintaining tail rigidity for precise maneuvers.

Each kit includes a premium printed EPP airframe, carbon fiber control rods, adjustable end-links, control horns, fiber motor mount, and enhanced snap links to eliminate control rod play. Elevate your aerobatic game with the Crack Yak-55!

Model Spec's: Wingspan/Length = 32"/31"  AUW: 7.2oz w/ LG (weight w/ 2s 25c 450mah)

Power system components listed individual below:  Also complete "all in one" power system available here: Link 
  CSP-D14M Servo 
  CSP-D10M Servos (2 required) 
  CSP-2305-1500KV Motor
  CSP-15A ESC  
  9x4.7 Prop    

Other Requirements:
  Receiver  4 - 6 ch: Link 
  2s450/600mah Lipo: Link
  Adhesive Glue :   Link

Build Resources & Replacement Parts Links:
  Build Video: Link

  PDF Manual: Link or Link
  Replacement Parts: Link
  Upgrade Parts: Link

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22 Reviews

  • 5


    Posted by Chris Clark on Sep 9th 2022

    If you're considering buying one, stop considering and purchase today. An amazing little flier, and great for learning tricks before you attempt them on a $3000 giant scale gasser. So much fun for the parks. If you live in a windy area, not the plane for you. Great early in the morning during calm conditions. A little pricey, but can't be beat, as far as I know. HAVE FUN!!

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    Great plane, but "Gold" is RED.

    Posted by Doug Abel on Oct 10th 2021

    I'm loving the way this thing flies. Put it up on a maiden flight, it flew absolutely smoothly. Several of the 3D guys at the field helped me get it dialed in, and I'm already making smooth inverted turns and some knife edging with it. :) Rolls fantastic, so much that I had to dumb down the throws a bit so that I wasn't getting out of control. My only niggling thing is that the picture makes the Gold color look more of an orange/gold color. When I got it and opened up the box, it came out looking red like a cherry tomato. I guess I was expecting it to have more of a yellow/gold look than the cherry tomato color, and I think I might've gotten a different looking plane if I'd known - but it's a niggling little thing, and I'm probably complaining over nothing, really. Also, not sure on this, but the CF spar for the landing gear is not pre-drilled, and so I had to drill that myself to get the wheels mounted. Something that probably should have been done from the factory so that my holes would have lined up correctly; I had to mark it with chalk and hand drill it where I thought it should go. Minor things with the build process, I know...Otherwise, a solid plane, and those things are why I'm knocking it down 1 star.

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    32” Crack Yak

    Posted by Tag Teays on Sep 28th 2020

    Not indestructible, but takes some abuse. Really wants to fly, changes pitch and rolls fast and in more skilled hands than mine will do anything imaginable, just like the videos. It is making me a better RC pilot!

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    CK 32"

    Posted by Hampton West on Sep 10th 2020

    What a fun plane!! The customer service at TH is simply outstanding. Keep up the great work folks!

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    32" yak brown

    Posted by Brian Deis on Sep 5th 2020

    I am a professional builder of high end planes. I often give the customer one of these to fly while I am building the plane they ordered. I tell them to fly it a lot and they will be ready for the big expensive plane. These can be flown as a trainer and will also do every 3d trick in the book. The ultimate foam plane. You do not have to be a kid to fly one of these. I keep one for myself at all times.

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    Crack Yak 55

    Posted by Richard Pruett on Aug 23rd 2020

    Fun little plane .

  • 5

    Good instructions, easy to build, flies awesome!

    Posted by Charly on Jun 24th 2020

    Good instructions, easy to build, flies awesome!

  • 4


    Posted by Unknown on Jun 10th 2020

    quality out of box and packaging was good. My biggest complaint is no instructions in box.

  • 5

    Best 3d plane

    Posted by Heine Johansen on Jun 1st 2020

    This is the best 3D plane I have ever built/flown. You have amazing control and the4 control surfaces allow for eXtreme movement, allowing crazy tight manuevering.

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    Hi what can you say about Twisted Hobby!

    Posted by Charlie Fields on Apr 13th 2020

    I have always been a fan:but now you have va models.I have been flying large balsa planes for the past year 95 in extra and 74 in slick.The club decided to build a new runway:so I decided to build a few new foamys. Twisted hobbys I have never ben disappointed.I fly my p3 or infinity everyone wants to know where they can find that the airfields are closed I decided to build a couple on front yard flyers. Twisted Hobby purchased a crack yak 32 in and a mxs24 in. I have both finished but the winds are crazy at the moment. No worries I have never bought a Twisted Hobby airplane that wouldn't fly in the wind.but I only have a 3rd acres lot.I probably have owned About 15 Twisted Hobby airplanes over the years.If you want the best foamys anywhere go where I go. nothing you will ever find that will out perform any Twisted Hobby airplane,I belong to two airplanes clubs They gave me a nickname 3d Charlie The airplanes I fly Twisted hobby make me look better than I am thanks 3d Charlie.

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