TH 32" EPP MXS-C Green

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Announcing the latest airframe from Twisted Hobbys and RC Factory, the brand new MXS-C!  The latest in the Crack Series, the MXS-C was designed by Twisted Hobbys team member Cody Wojcik to improve everything you love about the classic Crack Series airplanes, while bringing new capabilities and construction to the table for the best high energy flight experience to date.

Constructed in Standard thickness EPP foam, the MXS-C is more durable and caries more energy than airplanes from the Lite or Super Lite series.  Although capable indoors, the MXS-C is perfectly at home outdoors in the backyard or at the flying field tearing it up!  In our effort to improve everything we can with every release, we have greatly simplified equipment and linkage installation.  The rudder and elevator servos now mount closer to the tail, with short, stiff push rods that require no guides!  Installation and control response are smoother than ever.

Designed from the outset to take advantage of the amazing power available from our Crack Series power combo, ideal for 3S lipo power and weight setup for high energy moves, the MXS-C loves full throttle!   The stiff fuselage and wings stay true at high speeds, and the aerodynamic design has been optimized to really lock in when you pour on the coals.  The wingtip shape and area mean that MXS-C is equally at home in 3D, XA, and carving through high speed air racing turns.

High speed is not the only area where the MXS-C shines.  The elevator and rudder size, throw, and placement have been chosen for insane authority!  Crazy tumbles, pitch changes, flat spins, and knife edge spins that wind up like a balsa plane are all part of the MXS-C's wide repertoire.  Of course, the roll rate is as insane as ever.  New pilots shouldn't let this capability scare them, however.  Just like all Twisted's offerings, at low throttle and with slightly reduced throws, the MXS is gentle and forgiving, and the awesome durability means that it's still a great way to learn 3D with low risk.

Model Spec's:
  Wingspan = 32"
  Length = 33"
  AUW = 7.2oz with LG (weight with 2s 25c 450mah)
Recommended Required Components:
   2x 5g servos (rudder/elevator) (must use CS-70DMG servos only)
  1x 9g servo (ailerons)
  25-32g 40-120w Out-runner
  10-15A ESC
  2s or 3s (ideal setup is 3s 450mah with 8x4 prop)
  8x4 prop on 3s lipo or 9x4.7 prop on ss lipo
  4-6" servo extension wire may be required depending on servo wire length
  Glue or Adhesive


10 Reviews

  • Posted by Gary Baecker on Sep 9th 2020


    MXS-C 32”

    First of All:
    This is my first build of a 32” or under, and I will say this! My old eyes still stressed from the smaller items to deal with but, I’ve flown 3- batteries to this point and can hardly wait till the next time. I only have 3-batteries at this point and that’s just not enough.

    The build went really good, just dealing with the smaller parts, I worry about the snap pins on the end of the pushrods , both ends and the only reason for the worry is, never dealt with before. I’m hoping for a spare parts bag like the Revolto.

    Excited??? I am and for my age being excited is a good feeling and the support I get from Brad, always there to help.

    Just looking ahead for more flights

    Gary Baecker

  • Posted by david on May 7th 2020



    went together real easy. it looks great, cant wait for the wind to calm so I can fly it.