TH 39" EPP Puddle Star

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RCF 39" Puddle Star


Introducing the 39" EPP Puddle Star model designed by renowned EPP craftsman David Kyjovsky.  The Puddle Star is an extreme full aerobatic, fully built up EPP fuse seaplane model.  Designed for pure enjoyment with extra options for playing locations, from grass or even from the water this model is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.  Like all true 3d models over sized control surfaces combined with insane power to weight ratio makes the Puddle Star excel in both 3D and aerobatic performer.  Not only can the Puddle Star be wild and exciting you can easily dialed-down throws for smooth linear and predictable handling.  Ready to take off on the water or grass its a breeze since take offs are easy and smooth with just throttle control.   Looking to take it even further for some insane 3d !!!  Add some control mixing (rudder – differential thrust and elevator – flaperons) and turn your Puddle Star into something you have not seen before!
Model specs:
  Wingspan = 39"
  Length 39”
  AUW = 13.7oz (depending on setup and battery size)
Recommended required components:
 (2) 19-26g 1450-1750kv Out-Runner
 (2) 10-12A ESC (also y harness for esc's to battery)
 (4) 5-7g servos
 3s 650-850 mah with 6-7" prop
 6ch rx

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5 Reviews

  • Posted by Gerard Weaver on Jun 29th 2021


    TH 39" EPP Puddle Star

    I purchased the Puddle Star and built it thru the winter and it sat in my airplane room waiting for a good day without cold and snow
    I noticed it yesterday and decided to fly it for the first time. I hand launched it at 1/3 throttle and it was off flying straight and true no adjustments needed. I`m not a 3d pilot and I had de-tuned the puddle star to my liking, it flew rock solid and the sound of twin motors was sweet. I used a 3 cell 800 mah lipo and flew it for 5 minutes.
    It took a bit of time to build but it was well worth it, I used the recommended motors and speed controls

  • Posted by Jim Donohue on Jul 16th 2019


    MUST HAVE! Great kit, super easy build.

    I just bought my 2nd PS after flying #1 for 3 years. #1 survived a lot but lost out to a berm at speed...alas. I did not build #1for water but it is a killer ROG ship off grass and a hoot to land. I did add a thin plastic skid plate on the forward hull section (yellow office folder). I flew it on 850,1000,1300,1600,and 2200 3s. Build #2will be to move battery further in and go with 1300-2200 3s. #1 had 2206/1500kv and 7 x 3.4 SF props. Vertical to spare! Way cool sound too. Jim Donohue