HM 33" EPP Shake -"Super-Lite" Red

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HM Shake RED


Aerobatic model for precision indoor aerobatic flying F3P category. Model is produced by modern technology on CNC machines from EPP “almost unbreakable” sheets only 4mm thickness.  Easy to fly this model being very low wing loading which can be ideal for first time and experienced indoor pilots. High fuselage and ”T” canalizer gives great flight characteristics for all maneuvers to the model.   We offer two different power system for this model, if you are building an ultra light weight in-door aircraft then go with the 2202 series 1620kv motor power system, if you to fly out-doors we recommend the more powerful 2203 series 1800kv motor power system.

  Wingspan = 33"
  Length = 36"
  AUW = 125-135g
  (2) 4-6g servos (rudder/elevator)
  8-11g servo (aileron)
  14-19g 40-68W Out-runner (1600-1800kv)
  6-12A ESC
  2s 360-450mah lipo
  8-9" Prop
  Welder Adhesive
  Micro Rx


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