TH 24" EPP Mini Crack Yak-55

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TH 24 Mini Yak
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  • TH 24" EPP Mini Crack Yak-55
  • TH 24" EPP Mini Crack Yak-55
  • TH 24" EPP Mini Crack Yak-55
  • TH 24" EPP Mini Crack Yak-55
  • TH 24" EPP Mini Crack Yak-55
  • TH 24" EPP Mini Crack Yak-55
  • TH 24" EPP Mini Crack Yak-55
  • TH 24" EPP Mini Crack Yak-55
  • TH 24" EPP Mini Crack Yak-55


The EPP Crack Yak Mini is the highest performance 3D and extreme aerobatic small EPP plane on the market! The Mini evolved out of our quest for a small super high-performance plane that could be flown literally anywhere, in any space, yet improve on the over the top performance of the original Crack Yak. Through our extensive design and testing program over the last year we have honed in on the exact wing loading, power to weight ratio and developed the new airframe tweaks needed to excel in this smaller size. The result is going to be the most fun plane that you have ever had!

With the original Crack Yak I wanted to make a plane that wasn't your average floaty EPP 3D plane and really put together something that would be exciting to fly, precise, and very wild and crazy when you wanted it to be. In the design process for that plane we really learned a lot about what happens to airframe tweaks and designs when you scale them down reduce surface efficiency and increase wing loading while you do it. That "research" resulted in an airframe that maximized the effects of its wing loading and had airframe features that functioned extremely well in an inefficient flat plate small plane world - Chris Jewett

With the Mini we capitalized and exaggerated those design features to make a small plane that will really perform! From the special design motor/esc combo to the trailing edge variable vortex generators every effort was made to create a very high performance, very small pocket rocket!

  Wing span – 24” / Length – 25”
  AUW 90 - 100g
Required components:
  2000-2350kV Out-runner motor (12g – 14g)
  6A ESC
  2s 180 – 250mAh battery
  Micro Receiver
  (2) 3.5g servos
  4.0g servo
  Prop: 6x3 to 7x3.5 GWS DD

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5 Reviews

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    Mini=Crack Yak 55

    Posted by Bill Kirby on Jan 24th 2018

    The 3 day USPS delivery time turned into a 10. Just got it today! Good thing it was well packaged

  • 5
    Awesome kit

    Posted by Ronen on Feb 28th 2017

    The quality of this kit is really amazing. Everything is precisely cut and straight. All you have to do is to assamble it like a lego. I took my time and finished it in 2 evenings and enjoyed every second of the build. the manual is clear and easy to understand and there is a great build video on youtube. Shipping and packing was perfect too. I haven't maiden it yet but you can see in the official video what this plane can really do. Thanks

  • 5

    Posted by Ryan Heindel on Feb 13th 2017

    Awesome little airplane! Does anything you ask it to do. Flew it at our club for the first time on Saturday, and everyone who saw it, now wants one. Taking it to an indoor event tonight. Can't wait!

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