TH 26" EPP LiL Fokker Dr.1 - Red

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TH 26 LiL Fokker R


What's better then a Crack Fokker? How about a Lil Fokker!  Twisted Hobbys team pilot and designer Cody Wojcik has shrunk the Crack Fokker into an action packed smaller version with no compromises!  We are overwhelmed with the Lil Fokker's entire flight envelope. Much more than just a fun concept, this aircraft is really something special.  In testing our team has constantly compared this ridiculously fun triplane to some of the best full sized, 32" aircraft.   It is that good!  The floaty and confidence inspiring "uncrashable" feeling of the full sized Crack Fokker marries perfectly with the responsiveness of a mini.  Endless funnels, eye level flips, effortless rolling harriers and knife edge loops, and surprising precision are all well in this airplane's repertoire and are delivered in a pocket-sized and convenient package.

The Lil Fokker is more then just a smaller version of its bigger brother. As with any new Twisted Hobbys model we focus on creating even higher quality hardware and construction.  Paint and art work has been inspired by classic schemes, keeping true to the original Fokker's roots.  Like all Twisted Hobbys models, quality is superior and building is a pleasure with the latest of these new hardware components that eliminates excess weight and removes any unwanted play from control surfaces.  Thorough testing has also created a great power combo for the Lil Fokker.  With a common and inexpensive 2S 450 pack and 7 or 8 inch prop, power is plentiful and flight times are long.  Get yourself one of these Lil Fokkers and enjoy some of the most fun times this hobby can offer!
Model Spec's:
  • Wing Span = 26”
  • Length = 26”
  • AUW = 6.5 oz
Required Power System Link:
Power system components:

Other Requirements:

  •   Receiver  4 - 6 ch: Link 
  •   2s 350/450mah Lipo: Link
  •   Adhesive Glue :   Link
Build Resources & Replacement Parts Links:

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3 Reviews

  • Posted by Robert Viskil on May 6th 2018


    Quick Review TH 26” EPP LIL FOKKER DR. 1

    I have been a fan of twistedhobbys for many year and have built and flown a number of there kits, when I saw the 26” lil Fokker at first I thought it was a typo! All that in a little epp kit, I had to order, twistedhobbys kit might cost a little more but are worth every penny, from the pre painted parts to the all included hardware pack the quality is the Best, the build time is fast if you have all the items required and the kit can be put together in a few nights or over a weekend, twistedhobbys lets you download the manual so you can read and fully understand the build before the kit arrives, you can purchase just the plane kit or everything need to fly from twistedhobbys site, congrats on another assume kit....