TH 29" EPP F-22 Raptor Jet

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RcF 29 Raptor


Introducing Twisted Hobbys all-new 29” EPP F-22 Raptor from RcFactory! Setting new grounds for capable combat is ready for fast-paced aerobatics, fun combat or just spur of the moment flying with minimal investment.  Roll rate is insane and certain maneuvers can't even be emulated by traditional airplanes.  Mid fuselage mounted motor/propeller also with fully EPP design makes the Raptor almost indestructible.  Like all of Twisted Hobbys foamies, the low weight and durable full EPP construction make this airplane perform great while remaining incredibly durable, all without breaking the bank. The F-22 Raptor boasts a wide speed range and quick construction, making it an ideal spec combat plane or just a bunch of no-frills fun for pilots of any skill level. 

Model Spec’s:
  29” (730mm) Wing Span
  39" (990mm) Length
  3 channel control
  250g AUW
 Required Components:
  (1) 24-26g 1300-1500kv Motor
  (1) 10-12A ESC
  (2) 9-12g Servos
  (1) 8x4 GWS Prop
  (1) Micro Receiver
  (1) 3s 750-850mah
  (1) 6" JST F/M extension Cable
Recommended setup:
  3s 750-850mah 8x4 DD GWS Prop, lipo sold separately


18 Reviews

  • Posted by Richard Barringer on Jun 20th 2020


    F-22 Raptor

    I was looking for something different when I came across this plane. It's a very quick build, took about 3.5 hours. I downloaded the included pdf build file that was a big help. I used Foam Tac for the complete build, gives a vert tight bond and won't yellow over time. The power package that Twisted Hobby recommends for this plane is perfect, plenty of power. I'm using a 800 3S battery which gave me about an 8 minute flight.This thing flies on a rail no matter what configuration you put it in. Just an all around good aircraft. The only changes I made was to add some small carbon fiber rods to the control surfaces to stiffen them up, probably not needed, but seemed to help a little....

  • Posted by Jason Rhinevault on Jun 2nd 2020


    F22 Raptor

    This is THE most fun flying jet in the world! Super floaty and slow flying. Inverted high alphas an inch from the ground all day long! When I go to the park to fly, I have to have this plane in the back of my car. It's not a great flying day without at least five flights on this plane!