TH 32" EPP Edge 540 GH

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RCF 32 Edge GH


The 32" Edge 540 was designed by Twisted Hobbys and David Kyjovsky of Rc Factory for a beginner or the experienced 3D pilot wanting to fly in small areas.
With the newest design concepts for EPP construction this bird was made to be built fast and out last the competition.  With pre-hinged constructions along with new carbon fiber trust design makes it one of the fastest EPP models in its class to build yet keeping the tail section rigid for precision flying.   Each kit includes high quality printed EPP air frame, carbon fiber control rods, control horns, adjustable end-links, fiber motor mount and completed revised snap links to eliminate control rod play.  
Model Spec's:
  •   Wingspan = 32"
  •   Length = 31"
  •   AUW = 7.2oz w/ LG (weight w/ 2s 25c 450mah)
Required Power System:
Power system components:
Other Requirements:
  •   Receiver  4 - 6 ch: Link 
  •   2s450/600mah Lipo: Link
  •   Adhesive Glue :   Link
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15 Reviews

  • Posted by Don Taylor on Nov 16th 2020


    540 twisted edge 32”

    This is my 3rd twisted plane. An incredible flyer that will hone your skills with stick time. These planes are perfect to practice anytime/ anywhere. This transfers to flying the bigger machines at a fraction of the cost in the event of kissing the ground. You will not be disappointed

  • Posted by Brent Riley on Aug 17th 2020


    Backyard Fun

    First 3D plane I've owned and first plane I've built from a kit. I've only been flying two months but already getting into aerobatics pretty heavy. I fly everything at the ragged edge of my personal skill (and if that allows, the model's flight envelope). Wanted something cheap and tough to push my skills with. Very pleased with the performance. Normal aerobatic maneuvers are easily kept within a 160' box with slow/3D moves kept within half of that. Very responsive and easy to save. Belly lands from a harrier with no gear just fine. I haven't even started to touch this plane's full potential in 10 flights on 2S.

    Handles wind great up to about 6 mph for me.

    My only complaint is that some of the servo cuts on the Edge weren't done at the factory like they were on the Yak shown in the build video.