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  • TH 32" EPP MXS-C CW
  • TH 32" EPP MXS-C CW
  • TH 32" EPP MXS-C CW
  • TH 32" EPP MXS-C CW
  • TH 32" EPP MXS-C CW


Announcing the latest air frame from Twisted Hobbys and RC Factory, the brand new MXS-C!  The latest in the Crack Series, the MXS-C was designed by Twisted Hobbys team member Cody Wojcik to improve everything you love about the classic Crack Series airplanes, while bringing new capabilities and construction to the table for the best high energy flight experience to date.   Constructed in Standard thickness EPP foam, the MXS-C is more durable and caries more energy than airplanes from the Lite or Super Lite series.  Although capable indoors, the MXS-C is perfectly at home outdoors in the backyard or at the flying field tearing it up!  In our effort to improve everything we can with every release, we have greatly simplified equipment and linkage installation.  The rudder and elevator servos now mount closer to the tail, with short, stiff push rods that require no guides!  Installation and control response are smoother than ever.

Designed from the outset to take advantage of the amazing power available from our Crack Series power combo, ideal for 3S lipo power and weight setup for high energy moves, the MXS-C loves full throttle!  The stiff fuselage and wings stay true at high speeds, and the aerodynamic design has been optimized to really lock in when you pour on the coals.  The wingtip shape and area mean that MXS-C is equally at home in 3D, XA, and carving through high speed air racing turns.  High speed is not the only area where the MXS-C shines.  The elevator and rudder size, throw, and placement have been chosen for insane authority!  Crazy tumbles, pitch changes, flat spins, and knife edge spins that wind up like a balsa plane are all part of the MXS-C's wide repertoire.  Of course, the roll rate is as insane as ever.  New pilots shouldn't let this capability scare them, however.  Just like all Twisted's offerings, at low throttle and with slightly reduced throws, the MXS is gentle and forgiving, and the awesome durability means that it's still a great way to learn 3D with low risk.

With the newest design concepts for EPP construction this bird was made to be built fast and out last the competition.  With pre-hinged constructions along with new carbon fiber trust design makes it one of the fastest EPP models in its class to build yet keeping the tail section rigid for precision flying.   Each kit includes high quality printed EPP air frame, carbon fiber control rods, control horns, adjustable end-links, fiber motor mount and completed revised snap links to eliminate control rod play.  

Model Spec's: Wingspan/Length = 32"/31" AUW: 7.2oz w/ LG (weight w/ 2s 25c 450mah)
Power system components listed individual below:  Also complete "all in one" power system available here: Link 

  CSP-D14M Servo 
  CSP-D10M Servos (2 required) 
  CSP-2305-1500KV Motor
  CSP-15A ESC  
  9x4.7 Prop    

Other Requirements:
  Receiver  4 - 6 ch: Link 
  2s450/600mah Lipo: Link
  Adhesive Glue :   Link

Build Resources & Replacement Parts Links:
  PDF Manual (T/H Build)
  PDF Manual(RcF Build)
  HD Landing Gear Manual
  Replacement Parts Page
  Upgarde Parts

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9 Reviews

  • 5
    Msx c

    Posted by Kane on Dec 7th 2020

    This plane will help you fly anything it will build your confidence in flying all your expensive planes it’s just fun to fly

  • 5
    great plane 15 amp esc is a good up grade

    Posted by Francesca Campbell on Nov 16th 2020

    I put stronger servos in and longer servo arms this this this plane has everybody watching it this is the plane for you if you want to fly 3d or combat

  • 5
    32" mxs-c

    Posted by Herky on Jul 8th 2020

    I really love this plane! Sadly I crashed it at night in the neighbor's yard and it 'disappeard' when I came to retrieve it!!! Getting another one exactly the same!!!

  • 5
    So far, it is awesome

    Posted by Jesse Tipton on May 18th 2020

    Everything went together really well, I followed the directions exactly. I do wish they had a video showing someone at TH putting it together. It flies great, cg ending up being a touch closer to leading edge, but once I got the battery adjusted it flew perfect. I'm a total newb to 3d flying, so I hope it holds up well to a few crashes! For now, I'm just trying to stay three mistakes high in the air and learn how hover. Whenever you go to put this together, make sure you have a good flat area, some weights (I used can goods) , and a few hours of undistracted quiet time!

  • 5
    build and flying of the MXS

    Posted by Mark Hamlyn on Aug 19th 2019

    A quality kit and components. A fun and easy build with great instructions. The plane with the digital power combo flew great outside even in the wind. I should have ordered more batteries so I would still be out there flying. I recommend the power setup for 3 cells.

  • 5
    Twisted airplanes

    Posted by Jay T on Aug 5th 2017

    I was introduced to the Sabach at our flying field. I ordered one and have never had so much fun in RC. I now have a Lazer and just received a Yap. They are easy to build and the quality is great. I also used there suggested power packs which are more than adequate. You can't go wrong with Twisted products.

  • 5

    Posted by Joseph on Jun 2nd 2017

    I've had this plane since January 2015 and it has never failed me. this is an amazing first 3d plane because of its durability. it flies great, no real issues at all.

  • 5
    Awesome plane

    Posted by Jb on Sep 17th 2016

    One of the best. Mine has a few combat scares. If you are just starting 3d .this is the plane . Great job twisted!!!!

  • 5
    Awesome plane

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 17th 2016

    One of the best. Mine has a few combat scares. If you are just starting 3d .this os the plane . Great job twisted!!!!

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