TH 42" EPP Laser XL Red

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TH 42 Laser XL Red
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  • TH 42" EPP Laser XL Red
  • TH 42" EPP Laser XL Red
  • TH 42" EPP Laser XL Red
  • TH 42" EPP Laser XL Red
  • TH 42" EPP Laser XL Red
  • TH 42" EPP Laser XL Red


Our XL category stands out as a highly sought-after choice, particularly for enthusiasts seeking advanced features. XL-sized aircraft within this category exhibit exceptional flight characteristics akin to construction aircraft, combining the robust inertia of such models with the resilience of EPP construction, renowned for its near-indestructible qualities in these dimensions. This unique combination allows pilots to delve into autorotation maneuvers without the constant worry of damaging their model. Notably, the XL's design not only enhances resistance to mechanical damage but also ensures durability in adverse weather conditions.

The Laser XL, weighing just under 800g during flight, minimizes the impact of strong winds, providing pilots with a stable and controlled experience. Through rigorous testing, we have introduced a groundbreaking wing concept in this category. The wing is strategically glued along its entire contact area to the spine at the fuselage, amplifying the model's strength. Additionally, the incorporation of a balancing flap at the aileron's end enhances controllability while slightly reducing the load on the servo.

In a departure from the conventional approach, the Laser XL forgoes a fully-moving elevator to prioritize maximum durability. However, the model's adept maneuverability over the elevator remains intact, thanks to the meticulous layout of its surfaces. This innovation ensures a robust, controllable, and enduring flying experience for enthusiasts exploring the XL category. 

Model Spec's: Wingspan/Length = 42" (1060mm) / 43" (1120mm)  AUW = 27-30oz. 
Required Power System Link:Power System Components:
  CSP-2814-1050KV 100g Motor
  CSP-D18M Servos (4 Required)
  12x4.5MR Prop

Other Requirements:
  Receiver/Radio  4 - 6 ch: Link  
  3s-4s 1500/2200mah Lipo: Link  Adhesive Glue :   Link

Build Resources & Replacement Parts Links:
  Laser XL Manual PDF Link  
  Replacement Parts: Link 
  Upgrade Parts: Link 

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