TH 43" EPP Crack Yak-55 XL - Blue

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43" Crack Yak XL Blue


What we have all be waiting for and it's finally here!   Twisted Hobbys proudly welcomes the all new 43” Crack Yak-55 XL which is our largest Crack Yak-55 designed model.  Measuring 43” wingspan with full stepped air-foiled wing weighing in a 30oz with our recommended electronics.  To add to the notorious Crack Yak-55’s flight performance we have added a full rotating elevator stab resulting in massive pitch authority.  Tumbles, walls, snaps and Knife Edge spins all become effortless creating yet another monstrous 3D aircraft you will fall in love with.   Also now available is the new matched power system for the highest quality electronics and gear.
Model Spec's:
  •   Wingspan/Length = 42" (1080mm) / 43" (1120mm)
  •   AUW = 27-30oz. 
Required Power System Link:
Power System Components:
Other Requirements:
  •   Receiver/Radio  4 - 6 ch: Link  
  •   3s 1800/2200mah Lipo: Link
  •   Adhesive Glue :   Link
Build Resources & Replacement Parts Links:

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4 Reviews

  • Posted by Carlo Bautista on Aug 28th 2021


    First EPP foam

    All i can say is wow , im flying 3d gasser and big electric and 6s 3d electric , but this one is so awesome good to have to practice , the twisted hobby power combo is perfect for thsi plane enough power for 3s 2200 , very floaty and elevator was phenomenal — im going to buy another one as a spare — get yours now

  • Posted by Steve on May 4th 2021



    Got this plane for my 9 year old grandson and finally he got to fly it tonight. His comments were this is now his best plane and he flies it great loves it on high rates. Plane put a big smile on his face......