TH 33" EPP Clik 21 "SUPER-LITE" Green

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TH Clik 21 Green


The all new Clik 21 Super lite model by Rc Factory is yet another massive achievement with its newest revisions.  The Clik is one of the most famous in-door models in the community for many successful years, we are proud to welcome the new Clik 21!  With new wing geometry (elliptical leading edge) new efficient brakes design.  Also ailerons now have reinforced carbon mesh - the aileron is fully rigid and does not flex, for better control authority and precision.  Also a slight change to the fuselage shape and with a new color scheme these Clik’s are hot and ready for your indoor season!
The new Super Lite series embark a new adventure for in-door flight capabilities.  Enjoy ultra slow-motion flying associated normally with Depron but in full EPP durability and simplistic construction.. With the newest design concepts for EPP construction this bird was made to be built fast and out last the competition.  Pre-hinged constructions along with new truss design makes these EPP models quick to assembly all while still keeping the tail section rigid for precision flying.
We offer two different power system for this model, if you are building an ultra light weight in-door aircraft (this means extra weight removal building) we recommended the 2202 series 1620kv motor power system (PC06), if you to fly out-doors or want more power with out focusing on weight removal we recommend the 2203 series 1800kv motor power system (PC03).

  Wingspan = 33"
  Length = 37"
  AUW = 120-130g
  Built air-frame with-out electronics = 65g
  (2) 4-6g servos (rudder/elevator)
  8-11g servo (aileron)
  14-19g 40-60W Out-runner
  6-12A ESC
  2s 360-450mah lipo
  8-9" Prop
  Welder Adhesive
  Micro Rx

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4 Reviews

  • Posted by Chris on Dec 3rd 2020


    Locked In

    Fantastic Plane!
    You can build it super light and fly it off a battery so small that you can't imagine a plane this big flying for 4+ minutes.
    Or for only a few grams more the bumped up power and even a AFCS and it still flies extremely slow and is absolutely locked in on all lines and in hover.

  • Posted by JC on Jul 7th 2020


    Click 21

    Fun to build and even more fun to fly. Very nice kit