TH 33" EPP Synergy "SUPER-LITE" Pink

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TH Synergy - Pink
  • TH 33" EPP Synergy "SUPER-LITE" Pink
  • TH 33" EPP Synergy "SUPER-LITE" Pink
  • TH 33" EPP Synergy "SUPER-LITE" Pink
  • TH 33" EPP Synergy "SUPER-LITE" Pink
  • TH 33" EPP Synergy "SUPER-LITE" Pink


The all new Synergy was designed by team pilot Jan Votava, who wanted to use all his experience from the F3A category and put it into this model. Synergy is designed for all pilots who like precise flying, precisely made rolls, flips, but also demanding maneuvers , so that this model can be a competitive plane for F3P class. The narrower wings and smaller area at the end are balanced by larger canalyzers. The model has a very predictable and linear response in all flight positions. Thanks to this the ability to fly slowly and calmly, it is the ideal first model for the hall, even if you do not dare to do acrobatics yet.

  Wingspan = 33"
  Length = 37"
  AUW = 115-145g (depending on electronics)

Required Power System link:

Power system components:

Alternative PC06 Power System Link (lighter aileron servos)

Power system components:

Other Requirements:

  • Receiver  4 - 6 ch: Link 
  • 2s450mah Lipo: Link
  • Adhesive Glue :   Link


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    A new bar has been set for EPP indoor precision aerobatics

    Posted by Brian Dorff on Mar 12th 2022

    The new Synergy is next-level precision in an EPP F3P design. It is, without doubt the most precise rolling indoor plane I've had. Knife edge is literally hands off; as in roll the plane 90° and release the sticks and watch it go. In the past, I've owned both the Clik R2 and Clik 21. I felt that the upgrade from the R2 to the 21 was a couple very small refinements, i.e. more rigid ailerons and vertical fin, along with the additional airbrake design. The Synergy comprises of a new clean design; if it is considered an evolution of the Clik, then they really did change a lot. Great effort was put into moving wing area toward the root and away from tips, both on the wing and stab. The loss of wing area is made up for at the fuse with the top and bottom canalizers. Moving the wing area inboard reduces rolling effort without making the ailerons more sensitive, it is easier to start and stop during point rolls, snaps, etc.. The side area is increased too, especially ahead of the cg. This means the center of lift for the fuse in knife edge is very close to the center of lift for the wings. When you roll 90°, the plane just continues to fly hands off with no top rudder input needed. Unlike the 21, I did not put the large brakes on the ailerons. The extra side area and canalizers means the airframe is about 5g heavier than the Clik. With more wing area, the Clik remains the slowest flying superlight airframe and remains the ultimate 3D trainer; My dad's red R2 and my 21 still fly like a butterflies. From a precision point of view, I like the Synergy better, both for rolling maneuvers and keeping heading through downline snaps. Pick your poison, they are both very good, I would say the Clik is 5/5 slow flight and 4.5/5 precision, and the Synergy is 4.5/5 slow flight and 5/5 precision.

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