TH 39" EPP Edge 540 - V3 Series

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TH 39 Edge V3


The Edge 540 V3 is Rc Factory's newest 1m model V3 series with increased stiffness and torsion rigidity. We have beefed up everything, but especially the torsion rigidity of the fuselage - so that fuselage twist in fast rolling maneuvers is now totally a thing of the past. The wing is thicker too, for better tolerance of the most insane, high-G stunts.

Those that are familiar with the previous 39” models will appreciate the new hardware and construction including rear tail control push rod assemblies with adjustable end links and new epp bracing for easy assembly. While creating a new ground up air-frame the duel aileron servos have now been re-located which creates a plush/clean look.   The over all flight envelope has increased greatly giving a sense of unreal control authority and increased roll rate was also achieved with the addition of outer counter balance tabs. This model was designed for the pilot wanting to learn the “next step” and also those who choose a balsa 3d model alternative.  * Spinner not included *     Two different power systems are now available for the V3 models.  The 58g motor setup is ideal for light weight and slower flying acrobatics, while the 72g is heavier setup with more thrust.

Model Spec's:
  Wing Span = 39"
  AUW: 400-500g (depending on components used)
  All New V3 construction.

Recommended Required Components:
  50-72g 900-1200kv brush-less motor
  20A ESC w/ 58g motor or 30A Esc w/ 72g motor
  4-6ch Micro Receiver
  (4) 10-16g MG Servo’s
  10x3.8/10x4.7 Prop w/ 58g motor setup
  11x5.5 Prop w/ 72g motor setup
  3s 800-1500mah Lipo   


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5 Reviews

  • Posted by Tom carrara on Aug 23rd 2020


    Edge 540

    1400 kv motor first flight no trim ,flys amazing

  • Posted by Gregg Stockdale on Apr 10th 2020


    Build of RCF 39" Edge 540 - V3

    1. The side flanges on the control horns are very weak.. Only apply pressure to the very top. Once tested, run your exacto blade down the side and this will help seat the horn (also works well for the CF spars).
    2. I found it better to install the links on the servo control horns prior to putting them on the plane.. a bit of a challenge afterwards... the brass clip is very small and subject to running off. Be sure to work over a tray or other catch item...
    3. For the small white plugs on the clevis - It works best if you use a 3/16 drill bit and slightly enlarge the opening... Hand twist it a few times and it'll go in better. You may have to slightly sand the ends of the CF rods to go into the connectors.
    4. If you take a popsicle stick; break it in half , then shave off two narrow pieces... they will slide through the alignment holes of the side force generators and hold it in place nicely until your glue sets.
    OVERALL - a relaxing and fun project to put together. Quality crafting by the RCF!