TH 22" EPP Gripen Jet - Grey

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RcF 22 Gripen - Grey


The Saab Jas 39 Gripen model was created in two variants - a single-engine version or a twin-engine configuration build option. The twin-engine version is designed for all 3D acrobatics enthusiasts with the option of flying extreme maneuvers, such as flat splins, knife edge corkscrews or insanely fast twists. The single-engine version is created with an emphasis on realistic behavior to mimic a real fighter aircraft. Large rudders and 3s powerful setup makes both versions very agile with excellent flight characteristics.  The rugged construction allows you to learn all kinds of new maneuvers without fear of destroying your model.
Model Spec’s:
  21” (540mm) Wing Span
  35" (880mm) Length
  3 channel control
  220 - 250g AUW

 Required Components:
  (1) 20-26g 1500-2200kv Motor / also can be setup with (2) CS-17/31M 2650KV this requires two esc's and programming.
  (1) 12-15A ESC
  (2) 9-14g Servos
  (1) 6-8" Prop
  (1) Micro Receiver
  (1) 3s 650-850mah
  (Motor extensions wire leads, both duel and single motor setups required longer leads, these are not included)


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